Church of the Holy Spirit

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Lay Leaders, Clergy and Staff

Maureen Pottle- Warden

In the Episcopal Church, elected lay members of the congregation share leadership of the church with the clergy. The two principle leaders are called wardens. One warden at Church of the Holy Spirit is Maureen Pottle. Maureen grew up in Fall River as a devoted, cradle Episcopalian worshipping at St. Mark's Episcopal Church. Since the time of the church merger, Maureen has cared for the homebound of the church as a member of the lay Pastoral Care Team and she also began an outreach program for local veterans in need. In 2012, Maureen was elected as warden of the church. In her personal life, Maureen dotes on her husband Paul and enjoys hiking, baking and exercise.

Amber Vieira- Warden

Amber is the other co-warden at Church of the Holy Spirit. Amber grew up in Smethport, PA where she attended St. Luke's Episcopal Church. She went to college in Pittsburgh, PA and moved to Massachusetts in the late 80's. Amber was a member of the former St. John's/St. Stephen's Partnership in the city and came to Church of the Holy Spirit in 2011, where she was elected warden in 2015. Amber works as a CAD Technician at UC Synergetic and enjoys flower gardening. Amber is wife to Mike and is the proud mother of three sons.

Bill Dion- Treasurer

Bill is the treasurer at Church of the Holy Spirit. Bill also was born and raised in Fall River and he works with Ryder as a Safety and Loss Prevention manager. Bill came to Church of the Holy Spirit in 2009, was elected as warden in 2011, and treasurer in 2015. Bill is husband to Muriel and is a proud father and grandfather. Bill has many interests including recently getting his black belt in karate.     

The Rev. Matthew Stewart- Rector

Throughout his life, Matt has felt called to urban ministry and says he most clearly understands the saving work that God does through Christ while in the city. In the past, he has served in various capacities as a layperson in Episcopal churches in Dorchester and the South Bronx. After being ordained as priest, he first served at St. Stephen’s Memorial Episcopal Church in Lynn as Urban Resident before coming to Fall River in the summer of 2008. Matt has the standard New England unhealthy obsession with the Red Sox and Patriots, and prays for their success more than he would readily care to admit.

Matt can be emailed at [email protected].

The Rev. Jeremi Colvin- Assistant Rector for Formation and Homeless Ministry

Jeremi had been at Church of the Holy Spirit since 2010, serving first as Curate, then as Assistant Rector for Formation and Homeless Ministry. She finds great joy in her job, and loves the folks in Fall River. And she is controlled by her two dogs, Dede and Stormy.

Jeremi can be emailed at [email protected].

Susan M. Correira- Senior Fellowship Director

Sue has been the Senior Fellowship Director for many years. She has come to think of each senior (here & with the angels) as her family. She has developed her duties into pastoral care and she feels blessed to work with a great pastoral team of a dedicated few! She is also the grant writer for the church which involves a lot of rejection but when rewarded it’s quite fulfilling to know another ministry can prosper. She enjoys lots of different music, singing alto, reading vampire books, and coffee at Joe’s. And her favorite word in the world to hear is “Grandma.”

Jim Elliott- Facilities Manager

Jim has been the Facility's manager for Church of the Holy Spirit for the past two years. He is a Navy Vietnam Combat Veteran. His background is in Mechanical Engineering, Facility Maintenance, Network Security and Computer Technology. He retired from the Public Works Dept. Naval Station Newport after 28 years. He calls himself a regular handyman and, as an "old swabby," knows his way around a mop and bucket. He feels he has the perfect job here. He considers his work at the church a blessing and he loves the Church of the Holy Spirit for its open arms, the warm embrace and friendly fellowship of the staff and congregation. He will occasionally admit to being a "food junkie" who loves to cook. His hobbies include music, playing guitar and working on his antique RX7!

Missy Elliott- Office Manager

Missy has been our Office Manager since May of 2014. Her professional background is retail management, office coordination, and also she has worked in the human services field. She likes the sense of community at Church of the Holy Spirit and also is pleased to be part of a faith community that feels progressive to her. When she actually gets a moment to herself, Missy likes a variety of things. She very much likes going out to eat and loves horror movies and video games. She says she spends maybe a little too much time with her iPad. She very much loves her family, her boyfriend, and her favorite dog in the whole wide world, "Shenanigans." Missy says she looks forward to being a part of the Holy Spirit community for many, many years.   

Missy can be emailed at [email protected].

Brenda Fiola- Bookkeeper

As the Bookkeeper, Brenda, together with the Treasurer, is responsible for overseeing the finances of the parish. She records pledges, pays bills, makes deposits, maintains check registers and attends to income. She ensures that we are responsible with the moneys God has entrusted into our care by questioning overcharges and helping operations run more efficiently. At home, Brenda is semi-retired, has been married 44 years and enjoys many hobbies such as needlepoint, gardening, walking, having time with friends, and most of all being a Vavo to her 11-year-old granddaughter and 19-year-old grandson.

Brenda can be emailed at [email protected]

Bill Lacey- Music Director

Bill Lacey is our Music Director but he prefers to be called the "Spiritual DJ" of Holy Spirit. Bill holds two degrees from The Boston Conservatory and has taught in the South Coast area for 35 years. Prior to his accepting the bench at Holy Spirit, Bill was the Music Minister at St. John's-St. Stephen's Partnership in Fall River and held the position of Choirmaster at Holy Name of the Sacred Heart in New Bedford. His liturgical philosophy centers around music which is instantly accessible to the congregation and lifting in nature. Bill holds the Episcopal tradition of Hymnody in high regard but enjoys exploring a variety of sources for church music. He is the Creative Director of ShowCamp, the SouthCoast's longest-running Youth Theatre program and has written numerous works for student musicians. Bill is married with two children and has serious addiction issues with the Boston Red Sox and all things Mickey Mouse.